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#Bitcoin The risks are not unique Bitcoin By @alexvallenilla

By Alex Vallenllla / @alexvallenilla

Risks always exist in all economic fields, higher than others. It talks about the risks of Bitcoin, as if the single currency implies this. The support of Bitcoin is the user confidence, increasing the size of the global network that already uses virtual currency, makes a greater number of people worldwide connected to the network, market robustness of Bitcoin, It is that to the extent that there are more users, more stable currency is backed by confidence and get it.

In recent months the Bitcoin price volatility has been declining, after he suffered a spectacular fall in value in 2014, due to the negative news that generated the event MTGox a sharing site announced the loss of around US $ Bitcoin 800 million, due to a computer attack.

Typical of the values ​​shown, the demand occurs, raise prices and profits are then distributed in falls, and always with all values ​​in the world, and the attention of the risk is not as biased as the posture of many financial centers Bitcoin see that even more than a risk, a threat to their business.

At any time from now, any citizen in the world to use a smartphone, which use Internet, will be forced to use Bitcoin, trust in this currency or not, because the dynamic is moving there, the widespread use and understanding of its operation. It is obvious that there is fraud, crime and harmful practices that use Bitcoin, but that crime is not unique to this currency with the dollar, the euro, the bolivar, there is also fraud, theft, drug trade.

The Bitcoin ecosystem is still settling and winning the seat. There is the European Union issuing euros to resolve the situation in the region, years ago the US Federal Reserve had to print money to save banks in the mortgage crisis, a crisis in one week left 30 million unemployed worldwide , with inflationary consequences, the risks are not unique to the use of Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin In the world there are many scams and frauds. Being new to the company, many seek to profit illegally. Even people who are not prepared for the use of Bitcoin and are learning and passing have little training in the computer area, are favorite victims of scammers. This site is an effort www.badbitcoin.org people who are dedicated to reviewing pages that are used for fraudulent purposes, have managed to create a "black list" of websites that people should stay away and do not send your Bitcoin there .

Bitcoin in Venezuela
Coinmap.org details that in Venezuela there are already nearly two dozen businesses or stores that receive Bitcoin as payment.

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