jueves, 9 de febrero de 2017

Bitcoin Signals: Profit Taking Offers Buying Opportunities at $ 900

In the previous forecast of January 29, the target was found up to $ 1,060 (although the price reached up to $ 1,050, the price was excellent to close the position of the brand 8 days ago) (On the platform of BTC-e) , Until February 8 Congratulations to the foresight! You can send your rewards to the following wallet: 38t1KezSyYgV7ArxHcW9zUgcGeCKRAY3Le

Bitcoin has taken a downward turn in the daily charts. The reason is that in the weekly and monthly charts, it is overbought, that is to say it is very expensive, reason why in the short and medium term the prices of 900 dollars are not recommendable to buy, and that they are seeing corrections by taking of profits Many traders In the graph there is a price of up to 947.06 dollars and although there are no sales signals, the indicator of relative strength indicates that the price is still very high, reason why it estimates that there will be new setbacks for profit taking . The fall may extend in recent days to the 23.6% level in Fibonacci setbacks, at least up to the area of ​​880 dollars. However, the support in the daily and weekly charts, is between $ 790 and $ 780. The MACD indicator sends the sales signals, after the price alert of the RSI, consists of a large bearish candle, well set, that perforated the short-term mobile medium, more with a large volume of sales positions. The forecast indicates that in the hay of Bitcoin remains neutral, the price below $ 930 is good to enter buying again. New moves are expected to define the most accurate fashion forecast.

Prices refer to the BTC-e platform

Forecast date: February 09, 2017

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