domingo, 29 de enero de 2017

Bitcoin Signals: Staying Long in Bitcoin, Target at $ 1,060

Bitcoin is preparing for new climbs targeting the area between $ 1,080 and $ 1,090. The quotation of the currency in the daily charts, has formed a symmetrical triangle, which prepares for the escape of the price. In the figures of triangles the escapes can be bearish or bullish, however the great majority of triangle figures give continuity to the tendency that is brought. Bitcoin's trend has been bullish since July 2015, which makes it very solid. For now the prices are attractive on the daily chart. MACD indicates that it has remained in length with Bitcoin, while the Relative Strength Index, has crossed from the middle of January the 50 points to the rise, which does not confirm the false sales signal with "death cross" in moving averages, the price in The area 900 to 960 is still attractive to buy, for short-term trades, but not for long term, since in the monthly charts is over bought at this price. In the daily charts there is a weak resistance in the area of ​​925 and 930, which could easily be felled if the breakdown of the triangle occurs, the short-term moving average keeps the price up. Target fixed in long positions up to 1,060 dollars.

Prices are referenced with the BTC-e platform

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  1. Ya se produjo la ruptura del triángulo y es alcista

  2. La ruptura alcista es de calidad, es de más de 5%, un movimiento que confirma más alzas hasta el objetivo fijado.

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