viernes, 21 de julio de 2017

Bitcoin is saved and not divided


By Alex Vallenilla / @alexvallenilla

They again predicted the death of Bitcoin and were wrong again. The overall payment system of the main currency crypt passes a hard test, the block chain will be updated and consensus has been reached. SegWit2X software, which allows the block size to be increased for transactions, will allow the approval time for network operations to accelerate, reaching almost 100% in just a couple of days, the main miners of China , Those with the largest pools, ended up supporting the increase in size of the block.

To be true Bitcoin, although it could continue to operate with the block in 1Mb, now it can do it with 2Mb, this translates into faster and at a cost of approval of transfers, payments or operations at a lower price. There will not be the aforementioned "civil war", which could have failed the project, one of the most important technological developments of this era and that will help transform with the passage of time, the way in which money is used, created and Is valued, in contrast to the policies of the world's central banks.

Bitcoin is on its way, demand will increase in coming sessions, the group that had concerns about scalability have won a hard battle started more than a year ago, the consensus of the miners, made in a couple of days the cryptomoneda jumped from $ 1,830, up to $ 2,647.

The market may be quieter, the turmoil has passed, investors did the right thing by selling at $ 3,000 a day ago on fears that the new software would not achieve consensus and produce the bifurcation or create a parallel currency, whatever Been a disaster for the performance of digital currencies, which are just beginning to be used in the world. 7/21/2107

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