domingo, 3 de mayo de 2015

The laws in the world will be updated with the Bitcoin / By @alexvallenilla


By Alex Vallenllla  / @alexvallenilla

The changes will slowly introducing technology chain block, which is what makes it possible for Bitcoin there, begin to occupy various sectors, one of them the copyright.

Ironically, taking into account the mistaken view about Bitcoin and safety aspects, the use of block chain becomes more efficient, safer and more accurate in the case of intellectual property, at least he is proposing the artist Stephan Vogler plastic.

But before quoting what the artist is good to remember how the P2P network that inspires or can be taken as the basis for creating blocks chain arises. When the Napster server has to be closed by the FBI, because it allowed download music, movies, photos, without this action would translate into revenue for the owners of such creations, the network changed.

Instead the contents continue concentrates on a server that would be detected by the authorities, such as Napster, the P2P network allowed these will be housed in millions of computers simultaneously and discharges began to be made in parts, the same file sharing for many, just as having shares down, also shares. Basically it works the Bitcoin. The P2P network was established and since there has managed to evade the law, because it is what makes possible content piracy.

Vogler's case is interesting because it has been said about the problems of insecurity Bitcoin, thanks to the anonymity that allows the use of the currency. Well, the artist works with a law firm in Germany, to create mechanisms to identify "hash" codes their digital works, which would be validated by the network, such as is done with every transaction Bitcoin, impossible to counterfeit.

A digital artwork, a book, a soundtrack, a video, can be validated with chain blocks to copyright prevail, the work at the same time, being unique and encoded by its creator, you can get market value and even used as payment or investment, such as is done with the art of the traditional way. This in principle is ephemeral, begins to emerge, but there are already proposals that are the seeds of change in the global network, passports recognized by the network, news agencies that could validate data and information chain blocks, remittances, buying and selling products with Bitcoin, investment in reserve assets using digital currency, Bitcoin debit cards, digital exchange houses, legal documents and contracts validated by the network, the Internet of things.

The truth is that those who are opponents of Bitcoin, due to the alleged illegality permits should think, because the fact that there is a global network that helps validate data such as intellectual creation, about the laws in a way more advanced, would help overcome what they could never do: stop piracy, with Bitcoin, that would be possible.

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