sábado, 16 de mayo de 2015

#Bitcoin would be essential in the fight against corruption / By @alexvallenilla

NASDAQ surprised everyone with YOUR NEWS TO USE THE CHAIN ​​BLOCK

By Alex Vallenllla / @alexvallenilla

The news continued to emerge about the changes in various fields begins to infuse the Bitcoin, realize that the technology of virtual currency, its use as payment and the broad opportunities offered, and began to walk and revolution started.

The real estate sector in Honduras suffers fraud cooperation of corrupt officials, with the implementation of the Bitcoin technology, the government aims to have more transparency / Photo: The Herald / Honduras

So important in Honduras are under research and development. The real estate business in the country, with land title fraud, common thing that even corrupt officials involved, may be radically changed, with the project company for the very Fatcom Honduran government.

The validation of the title to property, using the Bitcoin technology would be fatal to corrupt that since the records are partakers of fraud property owners, by altering titles. Technology chain block, which is practically speaking Bitcoin has the ability to verify the authenticity of a Bitcoin automatically, without authority prevail in it's real or not. The verdict is given by the interconnected, only to allow money transfers and check transactions global network.

However, this indirectly bring indexing property values ​​in Bitcoin because each record would contain information embedded value and that once put into circulation in the network, the currency would be decisive in price over time. Honduras would be entering a new era, which would organize and transparency in principle to its real estate market, which undoubtedly, once ordained, business houses, business premises and apartments end up becoming in Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin on Nasdaq
Another shocking news was the announcement of Nasdaq, to ​​let them know that they are testing the chain of blocks to use it in the stock market the technology sector. Bitcoin efficiencies, will revolutionize this market, changes are going to feel, because network marketing is broader and immediate results, participation in the "trading" of Nasdaq stocks will be much larger. Nasdaq said the proposal is "color" coins, this means that some code blocks chain would be recognized by the issuing companies of shares as a share of it, but in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Virtual currency would undoubtedly essential for operations that will leave the current, spasmodic "real time".

Bitcoin in Venezuela
In San Cristobal joins the Bitcoin ecosystem store TecniJuegos CA. When looking at the global map of how they add up companies to receive virtual currency, it is that in Tachira state is already the first enthusiasts, contacts coinmap.org be located on the map where you can get like Bitcoin adds up followers in different countries.

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