domingo, 25 de enero de 2015

#Bitcoin Bitcoin changes the remittance business


By Alex Vallenilla / @alexvallenilla

If a Bitcoin were to cost $ 1 or US $ 1,000, the amount of remittances, using digital currency basis, always the same. Regardless of the price that has virtual currency, if a person sends $ 500 to someone else, that it will reach the other. So are emerging remittance companies, money transfer worldwide.

In Asia the Bitcoin gains strength in the remittance market

In Hong Kong there is a shift operator that maintains a remittance service from China to the Philippines. Sending money to family workers under this modality has proved very economical, pay a fixed rate of US $ 3.22 and not have to even know how Bitcoin works rate. Now they will incorporate Indonesia in its portfolio of services, it is Bitspark.

Sending money through traditional operators like banks and international exchange houses, have high rates in commissions.

Although access to Bitcoin is very simple, people still enter their world, much remains to explore the possibilities offered by the use of chain blocks, especially in the financial world, which undoubtedly will undergo a revolution thanks to this technology.

There are opponents to Bitcoin who have said that by the fall that has experienced has been the worst currency in 2014. This fits if Bitcoin out an action, a debt or value investment grade. Currently works as a coin, through purchase or exchange, you certainly have a lot of volatility. However, using the Bitcoin for remittances, regardless of price, resulting in savings for those who do.

Now a Bitcoin costs $ 250, the user is not required to pay US $ 250, but within their means, make a transaction with this asset that allows up to eight tenths divide, the point of wanting to trade or send 0.00000010 BTC and to less than that. Suppose the person needs to send another US $ 50, takes BTC 0,20 and immediately transferred to the portfolio of the beneficiary, one received in less than 5 minutes your money and pay fees not exceeding 0.8%, depending on house swapping.

As has been the case with micro-payments market, there is a huge potential for international remeses, at very low cost, by using this technology. A field that is gaining this new resource, which is sparking debates, which has won addicts, investors, customers and at the same time detractors.

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