miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015

The Bitcoin becomes obsolete platforms money transfers


By Alex Vallenilla / @alexvallenilla

Those who want to enter the race to regulate or prohibit the Bitcoin, are recorded once a failure. To prohibit a law would not be enough. A country that wants to avoid the use of virtual currency, need to end infrastructure that supports Internet. The whine of Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland, against this technology is only a pretext.

These banks have warned the British government that the widespread use of Bitcoin would be exploited by terrorists. An excuse own public relations campaigns, unleashed outdated systems, where solutions that clearly can overcome them arise. As Rockefeller bulb mounted campaigns against because he knew that continue shining kerosene lamps, stop being your big business.

Terrorism has existed long before the Bitcoin, the illegal drug trade alike. Then it would be logical to blame the dollar, pound or circumstances, before the arrival of Bitcoin. There are banks that accounts refuge millionaire drug traffickers, corrupt political leaders, pyramid Ponzi scammers, examples abound and all of them long before the emergence of decentralized currency.

The auditing firm KPMG issued a report in which the threat of Bitcoin banks notes, then this begins to be understood as a more efficient global payment system, and less expensive than going through the accounts of these institutions.

The auditor explains that the banking processes are much slower and the overall financial corporations are not generating solutions to respond to what is beginning to happen with the crypto-currencies and ease that gives the user to make "micro-payments" for all the world, putting a challenge to the use of traditional money.

Barclays and RBS, clarified that the volume of transactions through Bitcoin is not important, but to continue to grow, could embarrass the pound, is this really the concern with Bitcoin, anyone can print money from nothing.

Although the Bitcoin ecosystem is ephemeral even worldwide, although no closed loops that trade with criptomoneda is only exclusive use, but ends up turned into fiat money, the community is gaining popularity.

Bitcoin has a characteristic, as more users enter their world, peer-to-peer, globally interconnected system gives more support and their use is expanding and is increasingly accepted.

Banks will have to keep watching the Bitcoin as a threat, unless their platforms begin to understand how exchanges with chain blocks and this is incorporated into its operations, in order not to be left out of what soon, it will be the preference of many, global currency.

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