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Will Greece official Bitcoin first country in the world? / By @alexvallenilla


By Alex Vallenllla / @alexvallenilla

Not for less. Surprising news of Greek Reporter, written by Anastasios Papapostolous. Greece could be the first nation in the world to adopt the Bitcoin as its official currency. Amazing. In principle it is thought that the euro and the Bitcoin will be together for a while. The information leaked from a meeting that led the Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, they said, "Let's run Bitcoin".

Yanis Varoufakis is the first finance minister of a country that says his nation will start using Bitcoin as official currency in use

Greece faces a liquidity crisis and the Eurogroup pressured to continue providing measures euros. In recent months has been dormant leaving this country in the Euro Zone. As is well known, Greece can not print the common currency, because it is only the power of the Central Bank of Europe (ECB), which leaves the orphan country to adopt monetary easing measures sovereignly and correct its crisis and is with inflation.

Varoufakis said, according to the report Papapostolous that hard work in Greece how to make people know and understand Bitcoin, unlike many countries that seeks to prohibit and regulate rather begins. They will present the use of integrated circuit cards that store Bitcoin. In today's world, especially in Australia that is possible, pay using Bitcoin debit card.

Tourists can buy the device, which would be accepted as payment through interconnected blocks chain networks. The idea of ​​Varoufakis is very bold, but not impossible to apply as long as it is done gradually, the Greek minister knows that in principle be strong and painful, but ensures that Greece would be in shortly to head economies world.

Varoufakis, considered the second largest in the world thinker, the magazine Prospect, said that "the future begins in Greece and will be the first country to use the currency." The Bitcoin is not a monetary authority that regulates, a central bank that is what grecos claim is the origin of the evils afflicting them since the outbreak of the debt crisis since 2008.

The Bitcoin has its anti-inflationary potential, for the reason of not relying on a central bank that uses him as underlying operations to finance crisis, deficits and economic problems in a country such as with the "fiat" money, lead citizens to adopt the system will take time, but will stabilize, at least much of the economy between grecos citizens, in the long run. In the last two years of Bitcoin, its price has been extremely volatile, it is understandable, the currency is new, has slowly been adding users and slowly stabilizes. This would be a historical precedent, the challenge of Vaoufakis is out of the crisis using opportunities, innovating, reaching occur and lead on track in principle the finances of the people in that country, Greece would have a mortal blow to the old financial and economic structures that exist in the world, those to which speculation on Wall Street has seen since it must overcome and move on to the inevitable, the future of the world's finances, chain of blocks that made possible the Bitcoin .

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