martes, 3 de febrero de 2015

#Bitcoin There is talk Bitcoin good and evil, but there is talk and much


By Alex Vallenllla / @alexvallenilla

Whenever the topics that arise around Bitcoin are more numerous. News of the crypto currency popping. Good and bad. Critics and enthusiasts. Follow the debate who say that Bitcoin is the worst investment, against those who claim that this coin is not to invest, but to use making payments. Even there are reports of extortion by the possibility of anonymity addresses to receive payments.

As well as analysis of the Bitcoin not be so anonymous, then Case Ross Ulbricht, whom the FBI tracked him crypto operations with the currency and recovered some BTC 140 000, proceeds of criminal activities that involved using this technology.

The most interesting is that all comments, opinions and analyzes, do the necessary work: to spread among more users, the use of this technology for now considered as payment. Considered ideal for instant money transfer at very low prices.

Bitcoin came to cost US $ 1,200, in this increase was considered a great investment. Then he dropped to $ 250, says otherwise. The most important thing is to talk about Bitcoin, this being a way to raise awareness of what it is, because there are still neophytes about ending attached to the myths, non-objective analysis, especially of international banks they see the latent threat.

Bitcoin market is still small, but becomes solid and growing by the day. The more people join transact more support and acceptance manages the currency. Thus, support for herself, for the trust that people using this. More houses arise exchange and real investment options, such as allowing the user, take refuge in hard currency and monetary gold, using payments through the chain of blocks.

Bitcoin gives much to talk about, and that it is the best way to be made known.

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