viernes, 6 de febrero de 2015

#Bitcoin What enables the Bitcoin is a currency


By Alex Vallenllla / @alexvallenilla

In a pearl antique, a seashell, to evolve the use of metal, were used as means of payment. The barter exchange, before the onset of money, it was cumbersome.

Already restaurants in the world that accept Bitcoins as payment, commissions payable by accepting credit cards are saved. A Bitcoin payment is made easily from any "smathphone" scanning a QR code

The use of money had to do with, own human intangible aspect: trust. When the age of metal, gold, bronze and silver arrives, replace other means of payment, because these metals are finite. The need to simplify exchange operations, require that money appears in Mesopotamia, arises promulgated by kings, but not before having in mind that the metals were minted, work product, extraction, difficult to perform .

Fiat money now, has been becoming a problem for many companies. An example is the Venezuelan bolivar, printed in huge quantities under the mantle of the Chavez regime with populist and electoral purposes, the highest rate of inflation in the world in 2014. A coin controlled by the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) institution that does not defend the value of the currency.

The Bitcoin originates from a computer, decentralized program mounted a global network in which millions of users involved. This is a code, a string that recognizes the program itself. This code, unique, impossible to counterfeit, once created flows from one user to another through transfers or similar to e-mail submissions.

Byte encoding functions as a currency, as a means of payment, its similar to coins that were used since ancient features as well as a pearl, whose difficulty of getting it, deep water, for lack of equipment diving, or technology for mass extraction, besides its characteristic beauty, gave him a value that allowed change to another value, which was already deposited in pearl, once made the first transaction.

The chain block has these properties. The Bitcoin is possible due to the computing power of the connected computers worldwide, providing processing for large and deep mathematical calculations that result in the production of code blocks, resulting in virtual currency.

The virtual currency has many more advantages than disadvantages and although currently not all are familiar, who have already done overturning realize you are giving payment methods, an example is a small trade Bitcoins as payment received in instead of credit cards, pay no fees as charged by banks to trade. Today, anyone with a smartphone, you can pay with Bitcoins where accepted, by simply scanning a QR code receiver.

The back of Bitcoin user is given, the more people are added to the network, more support is safer becomes, the more confidence you get. It is the basis of trust from person to person and not a monetary system run by politicians.

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