domingo, 1 de marzo de 2015

There comes a debit card Bitcoins that will be the talk @GetCoinJar


By Alex Vallenllla  / @alexvallenilla

Among the most outstanding news this week, about the world of virtual currency, there is one that catches the eye. The arrival of the first debit card payments Bitcoin. In Australia began the matter, it is the company that makes CoinJar launch.

Understanding the Bitcoin today still is for the common uphill, by technological implications that make use of unique codes, which act currency can also transferred in the same way an email is sent, how to store and all the features that involves using crypto currencies, which point to a sector not very assiduous adults currently use technologies, never dare to use.

The news CoinJar is otherwise very positive. This is a debit card that stores Bitcoins. Thanks to Electronic Money Transfer System (Eftpos), anyone can practically pay in any establishment that is connected to this platform in the world, directly using their Bitcoins, you can withdraw cash in the same way fiat money, any currency.

A little person familiar with the operation of the chain block, if anything could load your card with Bitcoins and then pay like you would with a normal payment card from your bank, then why not have know about mining of virtual currencies, and everything complicated issue involves understanding the complex behind Bitcoin and when a citizen uses his fiat money and equally unknown monetization policy of the central bank prints money.

It is an important step in the mass use of Bitcoin, which surely will spread very fast, thanks to its potential to have its virtual currency in the portfolio, without using the phone, the PC or the table to have your money.

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