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Bankers change their stance against #Bitcoin / By @alexvallenilla


By Alex Vallenllla  / @alexvallenilla

One begins to understand the Bitcoin and its potential. Beyond what they could say critics, since his appearance, his sudden rise and strong price collapse in 2014, the virtual currency so far in 2015, has stabilized. The great potential of Bitcoin, which is based on chain blocks, captures Wall Street.

Business finance and technology make arrangements. Global banks with sufficient capital to inject novelty, begin to understand that it will not be possible to gain the technological development of Bitcoin, which in principle has been seen as an achievement of some computer and others who opt for liberalism.

Basically, Bitcoin lacks ideologies and central banks. It can be seen as a contribution of liberalism, which seeks economic interaction without regulators. But it can also be seen by those from leftist positions aimed against intermediaries who earn big money in Bitcoin there is not.

Before we must say that the basis of Bitcoin, the P2P network, since it appeared, there has been no law or government in the world that has been with her, because simply, this network is one in particular while it all those who participate, from all corners of the planet. So is the ecosystem for Bitcoin has appeared.

It's what bankers and investors on Wall Street are watching. Banks clearly seen as the use of chain blocks allow these large reduce operating costs. Payment processing with the crypto currency has proven to be excellent, reliable and less expensive, albeit with increasingly participating in the world. It is traded daily US $ 50 million in Bitcoin, this is just beginning.

There outdated in the stock market, forex, that the chain of blocks can solve, of course, still matters of crime that have been linked to the virtual currency issue is not unique to Bitcoin, operations are aspects to be searched overcome. Companies and banks are changing their stance on technological fact, know they can not compete with the network. Already investment banks with funds in companies Bitcoin exchange.

The future is promising. Use of Bitcoin block chain and not be limited only to payment processing, as happens today. The interconnection of various devices that allow for transactions of all kinds, and validate interconnected network without intermediaries, as with every Bitcoin, the draft Christopher Ellis, with BlockChainID, issuing a passport with a unique code which makes the global citizens, whose code is automatically validate at each airport, in each bank and commercial transactions, with only apply to decentralized global network that processes the request. This would save each country, have each other, different identification systems impossible to counterfeit because the network would be the only validated.

There project in Mexico, to the Digital Weight in conversations, although the Central Bank of Mexico does not authorize the use of crypto currencies, maintaining open dialogue. With Bitcoin and can make loans, buy gold and foreign exchange reserves, companies see the potential, issue bonds and shares through the chain of blocks, many projects "crowdfunding" use the criptomoneda. Security in taxi services, which not only serve to pay online transport but safely identify the applicant's service instantly, without requiring no cash or government identification documents.

Payment transactions and use of money, issuing documents, electronic trade, as it is known today will be obsolete in so far as Bitcoin way into the world, as has already succeeded in drawing attention to Wall Street.

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